Best Salesperson

Johnny MacDonald (Biscuit General Store)

“Like, totally the people,” says Johnny MacDonald, when asked why he enjoys his work. And as for the highlights of a very busy year that’s passed, his third at Biscuit, he mentions the expansion---“We broke through the wall!”---and a trip with owner Wendy Friedman to Toronto to have a look at new fashions. “I’ve seen what’s coming for spring,” he says. In terms of what makes him good at what he does, he emphasizes the care for the individual. “The customer has to have a good experience because that’s our bread and butter.” Biscuit General Store, 1661 Argyle, 425-5436

First runner up: Jill Strong, Wildflower Clothing, 5553 Clyde, 423-3751

Second runner up: Jeremy Burtch, HMV, 5523 Spring Garden, 425-1084