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Best Corner Store

Big General Store

What the secret of Big General’s success? “The best customers anyone could ask for,” says owner Fred Saud, describing them as “carefree, easy to deal with,” and counting a large number of students in that number. “We have a variety of pretty much everything,” says Saud, noting the typical pop, chips and chocolate goes out the door fastest, though he tries to keep a broad selection of beverages handy for the discerning taste. Saud also goes out of his way to bring in products his customers’ request. “It goes both ways… we try to make everyone happy.” 6070 South, 422-2231

First runner up: Joe Tomeh Kwik-Way, 5580 Cornwallis, 423-7976

Second runner up: Salim's Variety, 5576 North,422-6863