Best Massage Therapist

Michael Butt

Including two years of massage through school, Michael Butt has hit the six-year mark, with an average of 7 or 8 patients a day. Though he read a statistic that the average career duration for a massage therapist is 6-10 years---something “which sounds reasonable, it’s quite hard on your body”---he tries to stay fit and flexible so he can continue to do the work he loves. “”So long as you are conscientious, you’ve got to take care of yourself,” he says. “Take your own advice.” Fairview Chiropractic & Massage Centre, 25 Titus, 405-5433

First runner up: Jamie Chediac, Sore Sports Massage Therapy, 1990 Barrington, 492-6439

Second runner up: Francine Jeffery, All Points Massage Therapy, 248 Main Avenue, 446-3170