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Celine Di-off

After speaking briefly with an Events Halifax rep, the news is, there isn't much news - other than the obvious, "Celine ain't coming anywhere near the Halifax Common anytime soon..."

Here's the rundown: For the time being, even Events Halifax peeps don't know exactly what made Celine's peeps change their mind about the venue, which has been deemed "not appropriate" to host a concert of Celine Dion-magnitude.

The site had been initially approved by Celine's team; the thumbs up was then sent to the promoters in Montreal (Gillett Entertainment Group) and finally, to Events Halifax.

Similar to when the concert was approved, Events Halifax was the third to know about the cancellation, behind Celine's team and Gillett Entertainment. Specific details haven't yet trickled down to Events Halifax, but the EH plans to chat with Gillett on Monday morning to find out exactly what made Celine's peeps flip-flop on the venue.

Mayor Kelly was out of his office on Friday afternoon, and couldn't offer an immediate reaction to the Dion cancellation. We assume that he, like the rest of us, is crushed.