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Cycle Sandwich Delievers Deliciousness

Inspired by Burrito Bike, who are currently on hiatus, Cycle Sandwich carries on the tradition of bringing delicious homemade food to your doorstep on Saturday nights. This donation-based project offers a gourmet Italian sandwich, sans or plus prosciutto.“Because of flack and demand we're working on a vegan option,” says Alex Melnyk, who co-founded Cycle Sandwich with Greg Woolner. “Specifically though, it's breaded eggplant and zucchini served with an herb infused tomato sauce, provolone cheese that I melt with a blow torch, and topped with almost caramelized onions and roasted bell peppers. It gets served on a foccacia bun with a slice of prosciutto as the meat option. We try our best to be local and organic.”Fifteen minutes is the average turnaround for delivery, though Cycle Sandwich wants to encourage the community to come over and feast together in their backyard (2336 Agricola). Give Cycle Sandwich a call this weekend at 444-6189.