Teenage Bottlerocket is a fun time

Consider this fair warning and plenty of time between now and Wednesday, August 20 to learn all the words from all the albums of the following bands: Teenage Bottlerocket (Wyoming), The Sidekicks (Ohio), The Varsity Weirdos (Moncton) and The Hemingways. The gang are playing at Reflections, and show is also serving as an EP release for the Varsity Weirdos, who are releasing their follow up to Fly Me Up to the Moon on It's Alive! Records. Notable notes on each band: Teenage Bottlerocket are doing a split 7" with Broadway Calls from Portland, OR, The Sidekicks like dogs, The Varsity Weirdos have that 7" previously mentioned, The Hemingways claim there will be" no synchronized jumps or faux-hawks."