Great Plains X (or 1979)

I read that every time you put a rumour to bed, an angel sings "Love Gun". For that reason alone, I asked Sean MacGillivray (vocals, guitar) of Great Plains if there was any truth to the rumour that the band plans on breaking up after this Saturday's show at Gus' Pub. His response was illuminating. And leads me to believe that for some reason, he gets 30 hours in a day instead of the customary 24. THAT'S HOW BUSY HE IS. "Great Plains is in a bad way, or at least an awkward one. Jeffers Lennox (drums) left for Ontario---with a six-month stint in Provence, France to work on his Ph.D---a few days ago. He is a brilliant, solid guy, and saying goodbye to him was a lot harder than I expected," says MacGillivray. "We have new guys, though---Jason Vautour (guitar, also of Jessica Rhaye, Christina Martin, Jon Epworth & the Improvements, Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees) and Andrew Wiseman (bass/vocals, also of In This Style, For Pluto)---who I am incredibly lucky to call friends and bandmates, and they are proving pretty indispensible in coping with the changes. Andrew will actually be playing drums for us on Saturday, and In This Style bassist Mike Andrews has learned a pile of our music really fast and will be laying down the low-end law." But what about for shows in the future? Inquiring minds need to know! "The short answer is no, this is not our last show, but I have a bunch of commitments coming up and so do JVo (Jason) and Andrew, so we will be inactive in Halifax for a few months. I'll be touring with Hey Rosetta! in June as their technician and road manager, serving as technical director for this year's Summer Rock in July, and in August I'll be playing on Jenn Grant's new record at Puck's Farm in Ontario. I'm also going to be the technical director of Pop-In Sessions, Andrew Watt's TV show (Heavy Blinkers, Common Ground Studio), which should be picking up in the late summer and fall. I'm still playing with Jenn, as well as Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees, and I've been approached to take over for Matt Miller as house technician at the Marquee Club." The good news is that this hiatus could culminate in every band's dream, the European tour. "We also hope to make lemonade out of our lemon of an absentee drummer, and play some shows in Europe later in the year with him while he's en Provence. We have our eye on a label and are working up the gumption to approach them about releasing Home of the New Totem on the Continent." Yet another issue has come up that could mean this tour might have to happen under another alias. (Personally, I think the band should have a little "Name Us!" contest, like they do for police dogs and shit). "The original Great Plains---a post-punk band from the 80's in the States---is re-releasing their back catalogue. They have been in touch with us for a while and are being really rad about it, but the fact that they're even kind of active again makes me want to barf in my socks every time I think about doing t-shirts, CDs, etc," says MacGillivray. "So we are thinking that we will change the name pretty soon, maybe. They've basically said that we can keep using GP if we don't play in the States, but it's already causing confusion on iTunes and I can only assume it will grow to be a huge pain in the ass in the future. So yeah, we are all busy and won't be playing a whole lot in the next few months, but we have a plan and we love playing together and have no intention of calling it quits just yet."