Busses left to idle at terminals. | The Coast Halifax

Busses left to idle at terminals.

Bus riders have called to complain that engines are left to idle excessively while parked at terminal stations. Call it a “terminal illness.”

Remarks: Oh, buses. We like you, honest we do. But why must you be so loud? And smelly? And unwilling to take us to the airport? (Oops, separate problem.) Spokesperson Lori Patterson offered the Metro Transit house policy on idling: “When our busses are in the garage, we operate under a three to five minute rule because of the indoor air quality.” But what of the outdoor air quality, we ask? “Generally, if a bus is going to be laying over for more than three to five minutes, should be turned off.” Yeah. Should.

Who's Responsible?: Lori Patterson, Metro Transit Manager of Public Affairs, 490-6609.