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The eat beat

Upon reading Liz Feltham's column, I was of the opinion that it seemed a bit incomplete. She mentions that restaurant owners are having a hard time finding good servers due to a labor shortage. Logically, wouldn't the solution to this be to actually raise a server's wages above minimum wage? If minimum wage plus tips isn't enough to cut it for low wage earners anymore, maybe it's time for restaurateurs to re-think the model.As well, she includes lack of knowledge about the menu as a serving flaw that is as unforgiveable as obnoxiousness and indifference . I would like to point out that in the serving jobs I have had, there have never been tasting tests for servers. If a server is curious about a menu item, he/she has to pay for it themselves. In other cases, I have been employed at places where no training was offered for sections of the menu that simply list an item without descriptors.I guess my main point is that even though Liz may be bored of always blaming owners for these problems, in reality many restaurateurs are just too cheap to provide good training to their employees and to pay them well.

By Will Thomas