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Not eating this up

To the editor,

I can't afford to buy recycling bags. Fuck capitalism: We are afraid to question consumerism because it would be attacking one of the core values of capitalism. Its solution is to have us individualize the problem: hybrid cars, organic foods, etc. Yet we are not facing the real issue: consumerism. Capitalism thrives on consumerism, so its only response to the pressing environmental times is to sell us something that will make us feel like it's helping. And we eat it up.

So you think you're doing a good thing by recycling? Where do those plastics go? What happens to yesterday's news? They are moved from one spot to another---and yet it makes us feel good that we separate one type of waste from another. When will the time come when we collectively make social solutions to our dirty system? So, fine me. I'm putting plastics in my black bag.

By Joanna Gidney