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Axles of evil

To Lezlie Lowe,

I enjoyed your column "Braking the habit" in the April 5 edition of The Coast—I usually do. This particular piece struck a more personal note, however, as I'm a bus rider frustrated by the reluctance fellow HRMers have about joining me on board.

Today's Metro Transit passengers largely don't include the city's professional folk, which is to say people who can afford cars usually drive them around here.

We need people, who can afford cars/gas/insurance/etc., to see buses and ferries as a more attractive way to commute.

What is currently in place, working towards this goal? I've been indifferent for most of my adult life, but this is something I'd be willing to put some time and effort into.

What committees and/or initiatives does the city have in place to improve Metro Transit? Does the Ecology Action Center have more on the go with Metro Transit other than an eye on the fuels in use? Does HRM's cities-wrapped-around-a-harbour layout offer unique challenges to us traffic-flow-wise? Is there not another similarly sized metropolis with a similar geographical feel that we can use as a guide here?

Sorry to bombard you with questions—it's great that you identified and attacked the problem. I'm just wondering who's doing something about it.

By Tim Roberts