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Trans spats

To the editor,

Maybe a light could be shone on this subject concerning the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation's new campaign to make trans fats illegal. Now, to some this may sound great, but I can't pass this off as less than thought control.

It is clear that North America's children are getting larger and larger, but to pass the buck onto trans fats as the culprit is a slap to the face of every hardworking, decent person on the continent. If a parent cannot be bothered to feed their child a balanced, healthy meal that's their own stupid decision. They can argue until they're blue in the face that there's no time to cook meals, but in a house where both parents worked full-time (and then some), I never went without a good home-cooked meal and am proud to say I stay around my ideal body weight.

I don't see how the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation can spend its well-deserved money on advertising and fighting for a cause which is going to do nothing more than rob me of the choice to spoil myself once in a while with a greasy burger, and perpetuate parents not caring enough to feed their children properly.

I do know that the problem runs deeper than fast food and potato chips, but that old rule everything in moderation works here as always. To me, some junk food every now and again is no worse than a beer after a long day's work and in no way should that affect my right to choose what I put in my body. To say people have trouble making that choice, look at the massive vegan population in our city alone. Obviously some people are putting thought into what they will and won't eat.

Take the junk out of schools, sure, but—and this is for the parents—practise moderation, turn off the TV and computer and get you and your kids out for some exercise.

By Kenneth Cunningham