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Letters to the Editor

Just a thing to think about.

A good thing to look into is Peak Oil, and our dependency on it they've created. Cars could run on water, they've invented far more amazing things.. but no they don't.. Now the world is upon an energy crisis like no other. It's coming up even in mainstream media.

The US economy has a bubble. What that means, is their economy keep rising up, then coming down, then rising up. There are many factors to it. The fact that the US dollar only has value because people use it, they can't back it up, they print what they need. Where do you think Bush is getting the 10's of billions of dollars to help "rebuild".

Before this, every country needed to have Gold in their banks to back up the money they printed. The US bought a lot of the gold, saying their money was as good as gold in the other countries banks. Here lies the creation of Fort Knox. The US dollar is largely kept afloat from the world economy using it for business.

No wonder their country prompts such materialism through Hollywood and their media. Consumers are another battery for the US dollar. Hollywood, all owned by many high up elite families, with many connections to the highly US protected Israel.

3 Trillion dollars a year of laundered money is put through the NY Stock Exchange. 50 billion of that is drug money. A lot of this drug money comes from the coke the CIA brings in. The CIA was established by a group of brokers and lawyers for the government. The CIA helps keep the US economy's bubble from collapsing. That is their many job.

Their is a group some of the top corporation in the in the world listed on the NY Stock Exchange as the DJ, or Dow Jones. Dow Jones & Company owns Reuters, one of the largest suppliers of news in the world. General Electric, or GE, is one of these corporations.

GE makes a lot of war equipment and is making a fortune from the Iraq war. Corporations that want war tend to be part of the DJ, which has a huge pull on a large part of the news media.

Now to Halliburton, partially started by the Bush family, does everything for the war effort in Iraq. They make the meals, they clean the clothes, they move the equipment (with KBR a part of Halliburton). The military doesn't move their own gear for the most part.

The DJ dropped by the biggest amount ever pre 9/11. The last time it dropped that amount the Great Depression hit. It's a stock market crash. It followed the same bubble effect, as do most crashes.

9/11 prevented the bubble from collapsing. The amount of money that was brought in through the private sector, such as GE and Halliburton, helped float the NY Stock Exchange. Though the country is in recession the stock market didn't crash and the corporations are making billions.

As a side note, did you know IBM made a punch card computer for Hitler to file the people in the concentration camp? Each punch card "computer" had to individually be made and tended to every so many months. IBM was a corporation making money from the enemy at a time of war.

It's all geopolitics. Skull & Bones I do believe in, but I know not a lot. A lot of this information is open to the public.

Do searches on government sites.

Michael Rupert, ex LAPD - www.fromthewilderness.com

www.archives.gov is a good one, the US government documents declassified files there. Search Project Paperclip there.

Did you know Afghanistan is the world's largest supplier of opium? The Taliban was an Islamic Front that wanted to forbid opium growing. It would have cut down the world's supply of opium by near 70%, but the US joined with the Northern Alliance and rid them, then let the farmers plant their poppies again. The so called terrorists were a religious movement who wanted to better their country. So much for the US and it's fight on drugs.

Quote from a government site

"Afghanistan was the world's largest producer of raw opium in 2004. Much of Afghanistan's opium production is refined into heroin and is either consumed by a growing regional addict population or exported, primarily to Western Europe. " <-- http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/5380.htm

Another thing of interest in Afghanistan is the Khyber pass, where they want to build the pipe line. A pipeline has been wanted in Afghanistan for years. The World Bank (evil evil evil) said no pipeline could go through until there was an internationally recognized government - not the Taliban. Just like a superhero, in came a puppet government from the US. Kick out the poor Taliban, who are trying to stop the drugs.. and Bring in the US of A.

So the CIA did 911. It brought the US to Afghanistan to put in the government that allowed the pipeline, and got the opium going to help the drug trade.

Anyone who knows NAZI history knows that Hitler burnt down his own parliament and said the enemy did it. He said he would protect them from their enemy and rise their country to a state of utopia.. hmm sound familiar.

It is basic group/crowd psychology for a group/crowd to become closer and wish to oppose an outside threat or force. A good example is army training. This reason the general is such an ass, is so his guys will somewhat conspire against him. Talk amongst each other and try to "overcome" him.

When the US had it's disputes with Russia, the news was filled with reports of commies being everywhere. You never know who a commie is.. sounds a lot like a terrorist.. as for Al Qaeda, a BBC special says it never excited.

One really scary thing is Project Paperclip. The US brought 700 NAZI scientists here after WWII. This was Project Paperclip. Most of these scientist studied missiles and rockets. With their help, NASA was created. Also within these 700 scientists were Hitler's propaganda and mind scientist.

The CIA had a project called MK ULTRA in where they put soldiers on LSD and even civilians unknowingly. In the '80s there was actually a court settlement where many victims won settlements. A lot of news dies out quick thanks to the corporate media. Where's our CBC!!!! You say it meant nothing.

People should also know that in 1976 before any treaty on Nuclear Weapons there was a treaty by the countries signed to not use any weather altering technologies as a weapon.

Insert laughing here

Yes it's true. And so is HAARP. HAARP is like a huge microwave oven being pointed at the sky and turned on. It does many strange things to the Ionosphere. For one it can be used to send signals thought the Ionosphere just like telephone wire. It can also be used to send different frequency into the atmosphere or have them reflect back to earth.

Did you know there are now crowd control devices that can make you sick and give you vertigo with just frequencies... that was a big joke only 10 years ago. Now it's real.

In Dubai, UAE they've been making it rain in the dessert for years. They fly a plane up, release a chemical into the air that attacks water molecules. They collect then it rains.

There is a book called The Grand Chessboard, I have not read it, though I intend to. It is about geopolitics. Like everything on this planet, the evolution of the planet is a science. Countries all know what they need to rule and what they need to survive.

Sometimes countries are more for the good of the country and it's elite then the people of the country itself. The people of a county often become the slaves.

The book 1984 did not predict the future. Totalitarianism is an ideal. In order to accomplish this, the individual must be watched at the private level, and monitored. Those who believe in totalitarianism knew it a matter of time before the tools need to achieve the perfect one would be invented.

Do a search on Totalitarianism on MSN Encarta and take note of it's tools.. The USA of A is Totalitarianism, simply by definition.

By Jeff