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Letters to the Editor

I have now seen everything

Today I dragged my ass out of bed, and hopped on the bus like usual, to work I go, to fund my dream of someday becoming a mediocre rock star.

It seemed like an ordinary day, you know, rainy weather and everyone looking out the windows to avoid eye contact. And then, from out of the mist... is that? Could it be? Yep, its a dead and dismembered fetus! Goody, just what I need today, a bunch of freaks out in the pouring rain, holding a 5 foot high picture of a rotting carcus! But wait.. here comes another one, and another one, and another one?

What the fuck is wrong with our police? When I whip it out to take a piss, they are always right there, with the lights flashing ready to take my drunk ass to jail, and make me pay a fine, however, these doctor bombing, extremist, sick lunatics can plaster the entire highway with 500 massive pictures of undeveloped babies, with their arms and legs and heads severed, and covered in blood??? I have to sit on the bus and watch people puke, and move to the other side of the bus to get away from them.

Where were the old boys in blue on this one? I guess maybe it was freedom of speech to blame... Go tell a cop off, see where it gets you. Maybe it was freedom of assembly, but I remember being moved from one parking lot to the next, just because we were loitering. You know what it is people? It’s that it’s RAINING OUTSIDE, and they are all in their cruisers, staying as far away as possible, nobody wants a confrontation.

I love a good demonstration, who doesn’t? I love making the establishment pay for all the wrongs it perpetrates on its citizens too, but this is going way way too far. Don’t we have indecency laws that protect against this shit? What’s next, the Pro Choice movement holding pictures of dead and dismembered anti abortion activists?

Freedom of assembly and Protesting is one thing, hell, I might even attend if you tell me where you are having it, but to subject every traveling worker and the countless children on my bus alone to those graphic, and sick images, is wrong, and irresponsible. Hold a rally, burn a flag, spit on people! But don’t subject us to this shit when we have absolutely no other "choice" but to stare in horror at the garbage that you are filling our eyes with.

You are nothing more than terrorists, I mean, you bomb buildings, you shoot and kill and assault human beings, you sit on your pulpits and claim to be better than the people you aim to protect, but you are really just religious extremists, just like the Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad, and a host of many others. You are taking the word of God using it as a weapon, and killing people. Your little trick today only succeeded in desensitizing people even further than they are already. Our children thank you for their nightmares... sick bastards.

By Hugh Morrison