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Much ado about doggie doo

In the land of Haligonia and beyond, this is for certain: doggie doo abounds, in stacks and mounds. When I see someone not picking up the doggie doo, I stop and go up to the person and smile. I tell them that I noticed they didn't have a bag for the doggie doo, and that I just happen to have an extra one that I pull out of my purse. Then I find something positive to say about their pet and make light conversation while they pick up the poop. I have done this many, many times, and only once has the person reacted negatively, but she still picked up the poop—her dog had dumped a big load right on the front steps of a church. If everyone carried around a stash of bags and offered them up to unsuspecting people with dogs, if word got out on the street, then maybe it would lead to greater awareness and maybe things would change. One less pile of doggie doo is still one less pile of doggie doo.

People get ticketed for not wearing a bike helmet. While going helmetless may not be a good idea from a safety point of view, the cyclists are making the choice to risk their own skulls. With doggie doo, everyone is at risk. The dog cannot pick it up, and the human made the choice to have a dog, so where is the poop patrol? It must be illegal not to pick it up, and it is very easy to catch people doing it, but I have never seen any law enforcement officials handing out tickets, not ever. If the city isn't going to do anything, then maybe it's time for some alternative action.

By Handy Girl