District 06 - Andrew Younger

East Darmouth - The Lakes

Andrew Younger is something of a policy wonk, and can rattle off numbers and dollar amounts 'til the cows come home. Whatever he's arguing, he's got a case for it, whether he's right or not.

It's somewhat difficult assessing Younger. He's got a large personality that rubs some the wrong way, and endears others. I've heard him called everything from an stupid egoist to a genius futurist, but I prefer to avoid such talk and concentrate on policy instead.

Where Younger stands out is on transportation planning. Perhaps more than any other councillor, he gets transit, and the relationship between road building and transit use.

And, asked to fill out the council questionnaire, Younger pointed out that I had left an important issue off the questionnaire ---HRM's cultural plan---and proceeded to explain his position on it. Good on him.

So far as his constituents go, Younger has worked hard on the Main Street rebuilding, and has been a strong advocate of tax "reform," which he views as benefiting his suburban district. On the latter, I think he'll find he's sorely wrong and it might cost him his seat in the next election.

Grade: B- Andrew's Cell: 476-1727

Click Here to read Andrew Younger's responses to our questionnaire.

WHAT WE SAID IN 2007 (Grade: B-)

"Younger is a relatively new councillor, serving since 2004. He took the time to draft an in-depth response on his past year on council. On the Rolling Stones concert: “I think this concert went extremely well. I voted in favour of using the site for a concert, but I did not vote in support of contributing municipal dollars…I have yet to be convinced, however, of the validity of using municipal dollars to subsidize such events.”

"On the Commonwealth Games: “I believe even beyond financial issues, secrecy is what killed this bid.” True that. On the widening of Chebucto Road: “I do not believe there is merit in many road widening projects because there is little incentive for people to take alternate transportation methods. In fact, in many cases I am in favour of not making it easier to drive as the automatic first response to traffic issues.”

"Double true."

"Remarks: Younger by name and younger by nature, the District 6 councillor lends some energy to council proceedings. He’s also addressing concerns specific to his district, hosting meetings on violence in his neighbourhood after a series of shootings in January. Think municipally, act neighbourhoodly, as they say."