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Stan Rogers tribute

Across the harbour at Alderney Landing Theatre (on the second level of the building), Eastern Front Theatre opens its tribute show to the great Nova Scotian folk singer Stan Rogers. According to Scott Burke, artistic producer and director of Stan Rogers---A Matter of Heart, the show is “not biographical in any sense. We talk about Stan’s life and untimely death, but the core of the show is a theatrical staging and presentation of the great songs that many of us know and love.” The cast is made up of four singers: Terry Hatty, Frank MacKay, Julian Molnar and Aaron Kyte.

“I expect the audience members most familiar with Stan’s music will enjoy a great sense of nostalgia, recognition and a new appreciation for his ability to meld lyrics and melody. For them it’ll be like sitting around with an old friend who’s been away for awhile---a celebratory re-acquaintance.”

Younger audiences will get a “great introduction to the music of one of Canada’s and Nova Scotia’s truly great folk musicians. The arrangements and extensive harmony work in the show are glorious, so everyone is in for an incredible musical adventure,” Burke says. “Stan Rogers’ songs reflect so much of what it means to be a Maritimer, and a Canadian, that anytime is an appealing time to revisit his legacy. Eastern Front also scored a big hit last season with a Singalong Jubilee tribute show---so we are trying to build on that success and make Atlantic Canadian tribute shows an integral part of our seasonal output.” The show runs through 
March 9. Call 1-888-311-9090 for tickets.