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Strange Adventures in moving?

>Strange Adventures owner Calum Johnston doesn’t want to move his comic shop. It’s been in the same spot since 1995. “People use us as a landmark. I mean, it’s taken a long time, it’s taken a lot of advertising, it’s taken a lot of word of mouth...but I really think that’s valuable. I’d hate to leave this area. Because people know we’re here,” says Johnston, of the store’s cozy home at 5262 Sackville. It’s also possible the shop won’t move at all. The building that houses the store (as well as Taz Records) is currently up for sale for about $1.5 million. “It’d be nice if somebody did buy it and just wanted to keep it as is,” says Johnston. But, he adds, “in case that doesn’t happen, I don’t want to be under the gun and have to find a new place, and then go into something that I’m not really happy with. So we’re...keeping our eyes open.” Johnston’s currently scouting for an affordable new home for the shop, preferably in the Halifax downtown core, just in case a move does become necessary. “I like the area and think that independent local businesses are an essential part of a diverse downtown in a great city,” says Johnston. Got just the spot? Call 425-2140. Or, better yet, cash in that mint copy of Action Comics #1 you’ve got kicking around, buy the
building and help your local dealer stay put. It’s comic karma, baby.