Gordon B. Isnor w/The Just Barelys, On Film | The Coast Halifax

Gordon B. Isnor w/The Just Barelys, On Film

Thursday, December 27, Gus’ Pub, 2605 Agricola, 9:30pm, $4.

Celebrate the end of Christmas at Gus’ Pub on December 27 as local artisans gather to raise their baby pints high above the booze-stained carpets and give cheers to the tail-end of the overly jovial, commercial holiday season. Wild rover and former local legend Gordon B. Isnor is also rolling into town for a Boxing Day gig with The Just Barelys and On Film. “I’m hoping to have my latest record together in time for the show,” says Isnor, over tea and an oatcake at Steve-O-Reno’s. “It’s titled Magical Books and Letters after an old shop that used to be in the Khyber building.”

A musician with a few tricks and vowels up his sleeve, Isnor declines any sort of nostalgia-induced reasons for creating this album. In fact, he never stepped foot in the bookshop, though he recalls an ex-flame’s father was the owner. Currently, the Montreal-based artist and writer holds a fine arts degree from NSCAD; is the founder of Left Hip, a zine-turned-online magazine; and has a discography which boasts over 50 recordings.

“Oh, there is too many to list. I put an obscure box set a few years ago and gave it to friends,” he says, modestly. Seriously Buried Treasure, Isnor’s previous 10-track mystical release featured unbearably adorable artwork by Shary Boyle. If the visual elements of the record are any indication---the green octopus tickling an old record player presumably found at the bottom of the sea, released on Lord Sir Skronk Records---is a surefire sign Magical Books and Letters shall be a sonic, fantastical, bite-size delight.

“Living is the main instrument and influence on my songwriting; basically it’s my experience of living in Canada. Nearly everything I write is non-fiction, unlike Matt who creates such fantastic fictional songs.”