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Mongolie Grill

Back in the day, when Genghis Khan and his Mongol troops were feeling peckish after some empire-building, they apparently used to sling a shield over a campfire, and toss whatever fresh food they could find onto the shield for a good cooking. New Halifax restaurant Mongolie Grill (1645 Granville), the first Atlantic branch of a British Columbia- and Alberta-based chain, seeks to pay homage to that grand tradition. Restaurant-goers combine veggies, tofu, meats, seafood (including scallops and squid) and homemade msg-free sauces (including honey garlic, coconut and black bean) to create their own self-styled stir-fry; the food is then placed on a large circular grill, where everyone can watch the meal cook. "You don't just go to eat: you experience the restaurant," says Beth Sharpe, the local branch's owner. The restaurant site's the former home of the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame, and required a massive overhaul. The spot that's now the restaurant's bar used to house a hockey rink. "From a hockey rink to a bar—that's pretty good," laughs Sharpe. The restaurant's eats are also reasonably priced, unless you're planning to eat your weight in grub: it costs $2.59 for every 100 grams of stir-fry. The deal's even sweeter for vegetarians—the lucky meat-shunners get a 20-percent discount. Send the restaurant some love at 406-4004.