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Chris McCluskey offers weekly musical direction.

Long has this section been filled with endless tales of the adversity and destitution suffered by the touring band of the independent variety. It’s certainly rare one has the opportunity to describe an authentic optimistic vibe, but hey—it happens!

Montreal’s The Lovely Feathers caught its first break with the prestigious third support slot for a two-month North American tour behind Metric and Death of a Party late last year.

“Well, Jimmy Shaw produced our record, the guitarist for Metric,” says Mark Kupfert, one of the band’s two guitarist/vocalists. “We got the attention of A&R from DKD, and I guess we were playing CMW and they invited Jimmy to check us out, and they got him drunk. Jimmy told us he doesn’t really remember the show, but being really drunk and being like, ‘Yeah! I’ll produce their record!’”

The result is some catchy, high strung indie-rock with traces of Britain, New York and the Feathers’ own distinct flavour—the kind that would resonate with fans of The Unicorns. But if you’ve gotten the impression it’s all gone according to plan thus far, you would be wrong.

“The most difficult thing was the wait,” Kupfert says of the LP Hind Hind Legs, completed last August and released April 18. “We signed to a new label and I guess they got their wheels going a little slowly. When you create something you have this urgency that you just want to get it out and move on. But we sat on this record for like eight months.”

The Lovely Feathers—rounded out by vocalist/guitarist Richard Yanofsky, bassist Noah Bernamoff, vocalist/keyboardist Daniel Suss and drummer Ted Suss—appear with French noise band Duchess Says and SS Cardiacs on the Pop Off Tour on May 14 at Gus’ Pub.

But I can do music…

Up and coming songstress Meaghan Smith finds herself in an enviable position. The promising singer-songwriter released her debut Lost with Directions to widespread praise in 2004, and is now in search of her muse.

“I am kind of in a weird situation where I have the funding I need, I just don’t have enough songs,” she says. “I am just trying to do that on top of working a day job, which can be challenging, but it will be good I am sure.”

The emerging Smith, originally from London, Ontario, is putting much of herself into the follow-up. “I am song-writing my face off, I am really trying to be an actual songwriter and write some really good songs instead of just crappy ones,” she says.

No Halifax dates in sight, but Smith will tour Nova Scotia throughout spring with stops this weekend in Lunenberg and Margaretsville.

For Shoreline

Before you choose your summer vacation dates, take this year’s Shoreline Festival schedule into consideration. The annual festival in Rollo Bay, Prince Edward Island, goes down July 21-23. This year’s line-up features an all-inclusive mix of eclectic acts, including Hali-familiar faces Joel, Matt and a particular Dependent quintet. The three-day bill will also see performances from Australia’s Xavier Rudd, New York’s De La Soul and Canada’s own social scenester Jason Collett. Advance tickets are available now at No need to fight for a day off on Saturday, September 23, when, rumour has it, The Rolling Stones will be making its second east coast appearance in the past year, this time hitting Halifax.

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