Inhumane transportation system

I'm actually considering seeing a psychologist for anger problems due to Halifax Transit. All my stress is caused from buses. I've experienced everything from almost losing my job due to late buses, falling by running for early buses, being late for dates, getting frostbite when buses are canceled in winter, getting kicked off for bringing subway on the bus, banned for swearing, late for doctor appointments, losing my pay check to cabs when buses fail to provide decent service, panic attacks, almost robbed at the bus stop, losing friendships due to how long it takes to see friends, people arguing over me opening a window, lack of sleep due to long commutes etc. I can go on and on, but you get the point. I can't work less to help ease the stress of buses. I got bills to pay and places to be. Quit paying your drivers a fortune and use the money were it's fucking needed.
—I've reached my last nerve