Halifax says "grasscycling"

Recycling halifax has new radio ad about "grasscycling."

"Grasscycling is when you let your lawn cuttings fall into your lawn. It is a great new idea and you should try it!"

OMFG! City hall is paying someone a good salary to come with...um...nothing! Hey, dumbass! It is called mowing with a mulching blade. It has been around for many many decades. Just because you gave it a new word doesn’t mean that it is new.

I am pissed. I am pissed that someone pays you a salary. I am pissed that you are so smug to think that this is something that only you know about. I am floored that you don't recognize that this is not something that requires a high priced educational ad on the radio.

Do the taxpayers a favour and quit your job so someone worth their paycheque can replace you. —In the real world, you'd be fired for wasting money.