Transit Parking at Halifax Shopping Centre

If you park at Mumford Road to catch the bus, you will notice the orange vest security guards protrolling the parking lot. Their job -to make sure that if you don't park in the wrong place or face fines.

Unfortunately there is not enough transit parking spots and security will offer you no solutions if they are filled up. Doesn't matter that there are hundreds of empty parking places whenever I park or retrieve my vehicle at any time of day. What a waste of money to have security patrol these parking lots each day to tell people to move. Is common sense truly dead?

As a result, I park so far away from the bus terminal now that I no longer bother to shop at Walmart on my way home (where I used to park). I hope your tenant appreciates the couple of hundred dollars I no longer spend on groceries there because of this ridiculous parking policy. —A Frustrated Commuter