Start your engines: RuPaul’s Drag Race takes over Halifax

With three drag queens and a trivia event, this Pride season’s really come through.

click to enlarge From left to right: Alaska, Kim Chi, Katya - MAGNUS HASTINGS, ADAM OUAHMANE, SEAN M JOHNSON
From left to right: Alaska, Kim Chi, Katya

Between Halifax Pride events and clubCOUTURE's July event, a whopping THREE RuPaul's Drag Race favourites will be sashaying into town this month. Add in The Board Room Game Cafe's (1256 Barrington) RuPaul's Drag Race trivia sessions (Tuesday, July 25, 7pm/10pm) and you can be thoroughly gagging on the eleganza. Halleloo! Jesus truly IS a biscuit! Here's a handy who's who so you don't get read to filth this party season.

ALASKA (AKA Alaska Thunderfuck)

SEASON: Season 5/All Stars 2
PLACED: Season 5: runner-up to Roxxxy Andrews and winner Jinkx Monsoon, All Stars 2: winner
WORKROOM QUOTE: Season 5: "Hiieeeeee!"; All Stars 2: "Greetings, my message for the human race is really quite simple... Hieeeeeee!"
WHERE SHE'S PERFORMING: Friday, July 21 at Cosmic Drag Queen Bingo: Pride Festival edition, with Kristi Davidson Chris Cochrane and host Contessa at the Cunard Centre, 961 Marginal Road, 8pm, $30/$35,


SEASON: Season 8
PLACED: Runner-up to Naomi Smalls and winner Bob the Drag Queen
WORKROOM QUOTE: "I came to chop suey the competition!"
WHERE SHE'S PERFORMING: Thursday, July 27, clubCOUTURE Tour with Rouge Fatale, Deva Station, Elle Noir, Anya Knees, Bridget Von Snaps, DJ Brandon Mott, designer and stylist Vlad Snytkin at the Pacifico, 1505 Barrington Street, 9pm (meet and greet)/10pm, $30/$35/$50 (meet and greet),

KATYA (AKA Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, Katya Zamolodchikova, Екатерина Петровна Замолодчикова)

SEASON: Season 7, All Stars 2
PLACED: Season 7: Placed 5th, also Miss Congeniality; All Stars 2: runner up to Detox and winner Alaska
WORKROOM QUOTE: "Давай cезон семь! (C'mon season seven!)"/Голодные игры! суки "(Happy Hunger Games, bitches)"
WHERE SHE'S PERFORMING: Friday, July 21 at The Bump w/ Barbada, Kristi Davidson, Bambii and more at Garrison Grounds, 5425 Sackville Street, 9pm, $5