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Goodmore Kombucha launches six flavours

It was ferment to be

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John Newgard
Fifteen years working overseas in the wine industry instilled a serious love for “crafting beautiful beverages” in Kevin and Alexis Moore. So much so that the couple— who on top of wine, had an affinity for making fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, beer and kombucha at home— returned to their home in Nova Scotia about a year ago with a plan to start Goodmore Kombucha in hand.

“We had this moment of having a very intense calling home,” says Alexis. “We made lots of changes and brought ourselves back here and wanted to start our own project. This seed has been growing for quite a while so we were really exited to bring that seed home.”

The couple did product trials in their kitchen to arrive upon six individually fermented kombucha flavours, like black ginger, green rosehip hibiscus and oolong hop cardamom. They officially launched the brand last week. “Coming from a wine background we wanted to focus on more on the subtleties that kombucha can present, highlighting the diversity of teas,” says Alexis.

For now, you can find bottles at Local Source Market, Dilly Dally Cafe, Battery Park Beer Bar and Little C, going forward the Moores hope to grow their brand and maybe even experiment with kombucha and cocktails.

“Coming back a year ago, there were little to no kombucha producers and we’ve been thrilled to see the handful of really great producers pop up,” says Alexis. “Having an industry that can come together and tell a shared story, where each company has their own differentiation, that element of collaboration is so exciting.”