Six beaches worth the drive | The Coast Halifax

Six beaches worth the drive

It’s the season that makes living on the coast so worth it. Here’s where to go to soak it up.

Six beaches worth the drive

Carters Beach
105-minute drive
This is a long way to go for a day on the beach, but one look at its three snow-white crescents and that mileage will drift out to sea, forever forgotten. Bask in beauty, search for sand dollars, take a quick dip (the water can be a bit chilly here, because Nova Scotia) and remember how lucky you are that pristine scenes like this one are only two hours away. 89 Carters Beach Road, Port Mouton

Conrad's Beach
35-minute drive
Just a stone's throw from its neighbour Lawrencetown Beach, blink and you might miss Conrad's. Though parking is a pain here, this beach is a sandy beauty and a nice alternative to the nearby surf haven. Still close enough that you can rent some gear from Happy Dudes (4891 Highway 207), appreciate the wavy surf and explore the boardwalks, though. Conrad Road, off Highway 207

Cleveland Beach
45-minute drive
All along the winding strip of St. Margaret's Bay Road towards Hubbards you'll find crescent beaches of all sizes and levels of packed-ness, all lovely and rugged in their own way, all easy to pull off the road for a quick dip. But before you hit the most popular of the bunch, Queensland, is Cleveland, a provincial park that might give you a little more elbow room than it's sister beach.
8878 Highway 3, Hubbards

Crystal Crescent
40 minute drive
Caribbean-esque white sand and water that's, while sometimes pretty chilly, crystal clear, this rugged beauty is a popular spot for sunny beach days, and Sunday walks. A provincial park, Crystal Crescent (a chain of three beaches, one being nude) has ample parking, outhouses and boardwalks. 223 Sambro Creek Road, Sambro

Martinique Beach
50-minute drive
You will never be too close to your neighbours at this beach because there's just so much of it. A longer drive from the city—but worth it—Martinique sprawls over five kilometres, making it not just a perfect spot for long walks on the beach, but swimming, SUPing, surfing and throwing around a frisbee. Check out the nearby Happy Dudes (2137 East Petpeswick Road) for gear rentals. 2389 East Petpeswick Road East Petpeswick

Rissers Beach
85-minute drive
A provincial park and camping site, Rissers boasts over a kilometre of sand and is a family-friendly spot thanks to its canteen and lifeguards, a good pre- or post-Keji destination. If you're looking for something a little less busy, try nearby Green Bay beach. And maybe mentally prepare for a "refreshing" swim?
5366 Highway 331, Petite Riviere