Dear Big Library

Am I just confused or did you tweet a giant rainbow display with “Happy Pride” signage this week? Last I checked Pride is celebrated during July here in Halifax. LGBTQ+ Pride (month/week) is celebrated at different times in different parts of the world. Seriously–do a quick google check. Shockingly us queers don’t walk around saying “happy pride” to each other every day, though a lot do during Pride week, which as I’ve already pointed out, is during July here in Halifax, where your library is located. You really should coordinate holidays/events with your local community, don’t you think? I find it particularly appalling with all the controversy and debate over pinkwashing, that you would attempt to ride the coattails of Pride more than a month before our Pride kicks off; for what reason? Promote your brand? More Twitter followers? We’re more than just rainbows and parades BTW. Promote diverse LGBTQ+ displays/events all year long and only celebrate Pride, during Halifax Pride. —done with you