Just long one transit bitch today

OK, here's the scenario: jumpin' on the #54 from Woodlawn area to do downtown Dartie stuff, mid-afternoon, too early for rush hour.  Firstly, Smiling Mild-Mannered Bus Driver:  you're 8 minutes behind schedule.  Do you not realize people may want or need to make that departing-on-the-hour ferry to Halifax?  Secondly, Middle School Moron strolling down the aisle to the rear exit door in slow motion, texting all the way...Uh, could you move a bit slower, please?  The Texting Generation drives me frickin' bonkers.  Thirdly, those of you (usually with bulging knapsacks on your backs) who insist on standing when there are plenty of seats available:  WILL YA SIDDOWN ALREADY!!!  You're either blocking passenger traffic along the aisle, or at the front or back doors, making loading/unloading take longer and putting the bus further behind schedule.  Smarten up, all of you. —Crotchety Transit Rider of the Pepsi Generation