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Ontario doesn't recognize NS moped license

I am from NS and moved to Ottawa only to realise my class 5D (regular + moped) NS license is not a class G ML (regular + moped) Ontario license. In NS you can get a D endorsement on your class 5 licence that allows you to drive a motorcycle with an engine of 100cc or less.  In Ontario, that would be a ML licence, meaning Motorcycle Limited speed.

Once exchanging the license here though, the person told me they have no equivalent to a NS class 5D, and I have to start the process all over again.  No thank you. There is a reciprocal agreement between Ontario and the provinces of SK, QC, NB, and PEI for moped licensing, but not NS.

HOWEVER, according to the NS DMV, I am able to switch my (non-existent) Ontario moped license over to a NS moped license. This doesn't sound like a reciprocal agreement at all.

Fuck you and your arbitrary policy, Ontario.  This place sucks. —cptstubing