Not supporting a woman's ass

I'm a 31-year-old single man who went out with this nice girl for almost three months. I was into her until I found out she was nearly 50K in the hole from student loans to pay for her university business degree. She graduated in 2014 and now only makes about 35K and making the minimum monthly payments. To me, a woman with that much debt needs to be avoided like the plague. I have a buddy who has a girlfriend with a bunch of student loan debt and she convinced him to help her pay them off! I'm not doing that; I expect a woman to pay her own way in every aspect in life. This girl I recently ended it with might not have done that, but how is she ever going to afford what I can afford when she's debilitated with these payments for the next 8-10 years? I make nearly 40K and I don't have any student loan debt because after high school, I just continued to work at a restaurant chain and now I'm a general manager! I'm frankly sick of these entitled college/uni chicks who were dumb enough to get into all of this debt (instead of just doing high school and trying to move up in the place they were working at during HS, like I did) and working jobs that don't even pay that much expecting any man withOUT that debt to be a puddle at their feet, just because THEY got a degree! –No debt for me