Let's fix it

How about this for fixing public sector compensation:
-Scrap the current MLA pension plan and give them a defined contribution plan. If they're fans of the private sector lets give them a private sector type of pension plan.
-Scrap the teacher's grid and only give increments for seniority. Let them be reimbursed for courses taken and books bought and give them an 'education training dividend' of $750 for every course successfully completed with a cap for the overall number of courses reimbursed over a teacher's career.
-Scrap the current long service award for public sector workers and replace it with a "long term worker dividend" of $365 for every year worked
-Have an informal agreement that unless there is a recession that public sector workers will get at least a half percent raise every year in their wages and a maximum of one and a half percent depending on what the level of inflation is. —Mr. Fix It