Attention Halifax Transit

Here's a summary of my bus ride downtown yesterday, a beautiful clear day with no snow delays.

I checked the schedule, #1 is on a 10-minute schedule, departing Mumford at 1:30, so arriving at my stop at about 1:36. I arrived at 1:33 and called GoTime (or whatever it's called now) to confirm the bus time. Next bus will be there in 11 minutes. Hmm, that's at 1:44, not 1:36. At 1:45, no bus, called again. Next bus in 7 minutes, followed by another in 12 minutes. So, my bus will now arrive at 1:52, okay. 1:52, no bus, oh, but finally here it comes at 1:56. As the schedule says, the #1 is on 10-minute service. What happened to the 1:36? The 1:46?

On the way home, made the call, next bus will arrive in 9 minutes. It arrived in 3, matching neither GoTime, nor the online schedule.

So, Halifax Transit managers, if you're wondering why ridership is lower than you'd like, maybe you should try to imaging the daily frustration of trying to get somewhere on time each day, using the service you provide. It isn't easy. –Often Late in Halifax