I’m the spouse of a teacher and I am so in love with her and I need to share a few things cause she’s a little bummed about the work-to-rule thing.

My wife has just started her 18th year as a teacher, to this day when she runs in to a former student you can see the bond that she formed with them they laugh, hug and have even shed tears together some in joy and some in sorrow, I’ve seen my wife spend her time and her money to make sure her class room is a place where students feel welcome, intrigued, and safe. I have seen the mounds of papers that cover our dining room table that need to be graded and commented on, I’ve watched her pack a suit case so she can go on one of the several trips a year she volunteers to go on so the children don’t miss out, I’ve watched her work on her free time so that a Christmas concert or a theatre night or a tip to a museum or a concert goes off with out a hitch. I’ve watched her give up her lunch for a child that didn’t have any, I’ve seen her mad as hell because she’s seen the pain in the face of one of her students and she knew she couldn’t fix it, I’ve held her as she wept for that student, when things went so bad and so wrong, and I’ve rejoiced in the joy and excitement she feels when she sees or learns of an accomplishment from one of her students (past or present).

I fell in love with my wife because she is an incredible woman, and I am reminded of how incredible every time one of her students thanks her for being “the best teacher,” for being “da bomb,” for being “AWESOME” for “being there for me,” and for “caring.” These are quotes from students she has taught not for just this year or last year but every year that she has taught.

Teachers do so much more for our kids than teach, so much more that parents or the public realize I see it everyday and I’m still amazed by it.

I would like to thank and apologize to all the teaches that I took for granted when I was in school. I was a dumb kid that didn’t realize all they did for me with out being asked to and id it all with out complaint.

I’m sorry I took you for granted. Thank you! —Husband and Former Student