I Can Haz Date?!

If you're a 30-something female, how do you go about meeting a decent dude these days? I'm an open-minded, decent looking gal with a good job, my own place, awesome friends, and a really supportive and loving family. I'm not looking for Prince Charming, just a solid dude that has his head on straight. I don't so much care what his job is, so long as he's happy and fulfilled, and I'd like to think, based on my dating history, that I'm not shallow. I'm not looking for someone to complete me, my life is pretty great, but it'd be cool to find a partner to share in some of these experiences. All of that said, I'm in no rush, but holy frick, I can't even get myself a decent date these days! It seems like all anybody wants to do is "talk" or "hang" or whatever variation of being a flakey shithead you can imagine. Is it too much to ask to meet a dude who isn't too busy trying to keep his options open that he forgets to treat you with respect and kindness? Is the old saying true? Are the good ones really all gone? —Single and Failing to Mingle