Wrapper of the year

Sometimes what’s on the outside counts, too. Luckily, these local makers and retailers are cut out for the job of perfecting your presents.

Quarrelsome Yeti
Weird and wonderful, creepy and cute, Geordan Moore’s whack wrap can make the most boring of gifts (not that you would) extraordinary. Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, 1209 Marginal Road; Halifax Crafters Winter Market, Dec 2-4

Dartmouth Clothing Company
The witty Dartmouth lovers at Dartmouth Clothing Co. put an extra layer of nostalgia on their holiday wraps—choose from Woody the talking tree, ferry boats or warm-and-fuzzy skulls, guns and brass knuckles. Bodega Boutique, 104 Portland Street

Kat Frick Miller
A roll of Frick Miller’s line-drawn handiwork isn’t enough to wallpaper your entire bedroom, sorry to say, but it is more than enough to make your entire Nice list extra lucky people. Avoiding full-on holiday vibes, this Halifax-Dartmouth patterned paper is homey, adorable and a gift on its own. Halifax Crafters Winter Market, Dec 2-4

Duly Noted
Grab a roll of the Quarrelsome Yeti’s printed paper, classic brown kraft paper or choose from an entire wall of frame-worthy, by-the-sheet wrapping (holiday or otherwise), like this pictured pretty piece from stationery bigwig, Rifle Paper Co. 5431 Doyle Street