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A Vile Little Clown

This bitch isn’t about any of the recent clown stalking incidents, but rather about a sleazy little two-faced louse of a bookkeeper who pretended to befriend me while seducing my wife. This little churl invited us to his home on two occasions, introducing us to his devoted 3rd wife. Although I am offended by this vile little clown’s deception, the trail of betrayal against his family (past and current spouses plus children) is most deplorable. This boy is a serial sleaze who is morally bankrupt, and it is only a matter of time before he sadly craps the bed with his current wife and children. So, be warned of the Vile Little Clown Bookkeeper. He’ll eventually reap what he sows (karma is a bitch), but in the meantime don’t be duped! —Alerted and Deployed