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Best Sushi Restaurant

Wasabi House

Gold Winner Wasabi House

Silver Winner Alex Oh! Sushi & Rolls (now closed)

Bronze Winner Suzuki Restaurant

A piece of advice: Be careful how much you order when going to Wasabi House—your server will almost certainly bring you a free roll as well. This is probably a reason voters love the Quinpool sushi joint, but not the only one. Who cares about booze when there’s a happy hour for food? If you’re getting your sushi fix a little later at night, take advantage of deals on miso soup or maki. The place has a cozy atmosphere as well, making it an ideal place to sip on some tea and snack with a couple friends. If you’re having trouble dragging your sushi-hating pal along, you can remind them Wasabi House serves a mean beef teriyaki as well.