I loved Picnicface too, but they're gone now

Picnicface was great. I loved going to their shows back when and still go see Mark Little and Andy Bush whenever they come through town, but it's time to move on. Every time there's a show even remotely funny happening in HRM the reviewer always opens with “Not since Picnicface.” Stop. They're gone now, have been for a while, aren't coming back anytime soon and you're doing a disservice to all the new talent around the city. Example: Chanel and Frank are two comics running shows every week in the city and are completely ignored. The Company House feels like an actual comedy club and their High Life show is turning people away at the door every week because it’s sold out. Yeah, they're not Picnicface, but Andy Bush was the one who told me to go see the shows and I almost never miss one since, so that must count for something. —Art Isn't Gentrification