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Valuable supports to help small businesses and start-ups get started.

Peter Burbridge

I'm an Owner at North Brewing Company

Why did you decide to use Futurepreneur to assist in growing North Brewing?

When you're a young person trying to start a business there are not a lot of avenues for funding. The great thing about Futurepreneur is that's their mandate, to support young entrepreneurs. The terms of the loans and the additional support they offer make it a compelling source of funding.

In what ways did Futurepreneur help you?

In addition to the funding, the mentorship program was really great. It allowed me to formalize a relationship with my old boss and get his advice and feedback in the early days of the startup. Having someone as a sounding board is key at any stage of a business.

What did you learn from Futurepreneur that you might not otherwise have been aware of?

I would say the biggest lesson I learned from Futurepreneur is how to network and ask for help. Many young entrepreneurs may think they need to know all the answers or think they need to seem like they do—fake it till you make it—but that's just not true. Anyone starting a business is fooling themselves if they think they know exactly what to do, and Futurepreneur helps you reach out and ask questions. That process lets you know that it is OK to admit that you need help and that you are just learning what it means to start a business.

How are the skills and knowledge learned through Futurepreneur valuable for anyone looking to start/grow a business?

Futurepreneur offers training, networking and connects you with a mentor. This helps to develop a young entrepreneur by giving you the support and structure required to start a successful business.

Any advice to future entrepreneurs that are looking to start a business/use futurepreneur?

If you have a passion to start a business, Futurepreneur can help get you started. They can challenge you and help you learn what you know...and what you don't know.