Cars are not the only problem on the road!

Okay Halifax, before I get slammed for this, just let me tell you first... I believe in sharing the road with cyclists as much as anyone out there, I really do....BUT!!!'s not just the people driving cars who need to be responsible motorists. I don't know how many times I've witnessed cyclists up on the sidewalks, nearly running pedestrians (including me) down, then careening back onto the street without so much as a sideways glance, swerving between cars, not waiting for a car to complete a right hand turn in progress before proceeding past the car, etc. I also don't think it's fair or just that cyclists sharing the road are not licensed and insured. I've had damage done to my vehicle and have had no way to seek compensation because telling the police, "...some guy on a red mountain bike wearing a blue jacket dented my car when he bumped into it while texting and then just took off..." just doesn't cut it. I was stuck with a huge repair bill through no fault of my own. Bicycles should have license plates and the people riding them should have insurance, just like other vehicles if they want to share the road. —Long time former cyclist