The last straw | The Coast Halifax

The last straw

I don’t know what you expected when you rolled up beside me and told me you wanted to fuck me in the ass until I shit myself, but it sure as hell wasn’t for me to throw my nearly-full iced vanilla latte with whipped topping and sprinkles right in your stupid face. And you also probably didn’t expect me to stand my ground and scream at you to eat a bag of dicks when you jumped out of the car and started threatening me. I honestly thought you were going to beat the crap out of me for a minute, and maybe you would have if it hadn’t been broad daylight. But I would literally rather take a beating than take any more of this shit from botched abortions like you. Fuck you. This woman is DONE. And you gaslighting dickblisters in the peanut gallery can preemptively go fuck yourselves. I don’t need your belief or your approval to validate my rage. Go to hell. —No More