Taste the rainbow: a summer beer round-up

A flight of local craft beers to wash the summer down with.

Lenny Mullins

Rockbottom Brew Pub

Kolsch (5.2 percent)
Your lawn-mowing sidekick, this crisp, light, laidback brew makes summer chores a breeze.

Unfiltered Brewing

Daytimer Berliner Weisse (3.4 percent)
Day drinking never tasted so right. A lactic-tastic, tropically tart, dry-hopped sour session ale that is both lip-puckering and refreshing.

North Brewing Company

Summer Saison (5.5 percent)
Literally brewed for refreshment. The Belgian Saison is known for quenching thirst and this crisp, pungent ale spiced with orange peel and coriander is no different.

Lenny Mullins

Propeller Brewing Co.

Hefeweizen (5.3 percent)
Clouds in my beer. Classic, high-carbonated, German-style refreshment with spicy, banana-clove flavour and 50 percent wheat malt.

Nine Locks Brewing

Dirty Blonde Weizen (5 percent)
No-frills summer in a can, this easygoing, light, crisp, slightly bready North American-style wheat ale says it's always beer o'clock.

Spindrift Brewing Co.

Riptide Imperial Pale Ale (6.5 percent)
Get ripped. Stone fruit and citrus flavours dominate this bold, sneakily strong northeast-style hoppy lager.

Lenny Mullins

Good Robot Brewing Co.

Goseface Killah v2.0 (4.8 percent)
Wit-tang clan—salty-sour German wheat beer with citrusy coriander, low bitterness and a bready finish.

PEI Brewing Co. (Gahan House)

Blueberry Ale (4.5 percent)
The reason Oxford's giant blueberry is really smiling: Atlantic blueberries run wild in this unfiltered white ale—more spicy than sweet.

Garrison Brewing Co.

Jalapeño Ale (4.6 percent)
Liquid nachos! Jalapeño, habanero, scotch bonnet and Jamaican hot peppers make this malty amber ale a spicy, thirst-quenching brew. Add tomato juice for a spicy Caesar.

Granite Brewery

Hopping Mad (6 percent)
Real-ale refreshment—English pale ale means low carbonation, robust malt and hop bitterness. (Have it on cask if you can!)