Nova Scotia offers $810,368 for new Trailer Park Boys TV show

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles may visit Europe thanks to some Nova Scotian funding.

The park is open.
The park is open.

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles just made an $800,000 score.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. announced Tuesday that it’s offering $810,368 in production funding for Trailer Park Boys Out of the Park: Europe, the newest television show chronicling the escapades of actors/executive producers Mike Smith, Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay.

At close to a million dollars, it’s the largest block of funding from the province’s new Film and Television Production Incentive Fund. Feature film nineteenseventysomething, from director Bruce MacDonald and Halifax playwright Daniel MacIvor, is the second-highest funding with $320,000 from NSBI.

The Film and Television Production Incentive Fund came into being after Nova Scotia’s former Film Tax Credit was eliminated by the McNeil government last year. The tax credit system offered $24 million in credits through which film and television productions could recoup 50 percent of labour costs. The new $10 million incentive fund offers a 25 percent rebate on all production costs, including labour.

Since its creation, 10 projects (five TV series, two documentaries and three feature films) have received money from the new fund. With the $810,368 commitment to Trailer Park Boys, the province has now spent just under $2.5 million of the fund’s annually available $10 million.

Out of the Park: Europe is the latest expansion of the Trailer Park BoysKardashian-like media empire, which now includes a podcast, an upcoming mobile game and the show’s 10th season that debuts March 18 on Netflix. There’s also a campaign underway for the three characters to host Saturday Night Live.

Tuesday’s press release from NSBI doesn’t include any details about the plot of the Trailer Park Boys latest, European-themed adventure, but presumably Amsterdam will be visited.