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A Q&A with Lisa Lee, Campus Director, Eastern College

What are the major benefits to pursuing an education through Eastern College?
Eastern College offers half-day classes, modular-based learning (one class at a time) and, depending on the program you choose, we can have you job-ready in 6, 12, 18 or 24 months! Each program includes a field placement, to provide essential hands-on education, and our Employment Specialists partner with businesses and match students in order to gain valuable work experience in their field of study.

What fields can prospective students study in?
Eastern College offers fully accredited Certificate and Diploma programs in the areas of Business, Technology, Healthcare, Law, Supply Chain, Art and Design and Trades. What type of class structure and course load should a potential student expect? At Eastern College, we put an emphasis on smaller class sizes, which promotes individual learning. We also provide the education one module at a time, to scaffold the students’ learning.

When can students enroll in classes?
We are happy to offer continuous intakes, meaning there isn’t just a set September or January start times like most universities. We often have classes starting on a monthly basis.

How are the job prospects upon completing a program at Eastern College? We are very proud of our current employment statistics: more than 85 percent of our graduates are working in their field of study.

How is the teaching staff assembled?
Eastern College boasts a proud team of professionals that help students through every aspect of your post-secondary education: from choosing the right career path and sourcing funding to job readiness and the job search process. Our goal is to improve lives by helping students become job-ready graduates.