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Best Dartmouth Restaurant

Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Gold Winner Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Silver Winner The Canteen

Bronze Winner The Wooden Monkey

Best Dartmouth Restaurant
Best of Halifax 2015, Best Dartmouth Restaurant, Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Uh, HELLO DARTMOUTH. Way to cover all the bases with this trio of winners. Breakfast (total Dartmouth legend, the Mic Mac), lunch (The Canteen) and dinner (The Wooden Monkey). Meat (heavenly ribs at Mic Mac), bread (so fresh and so fluffy from The Canteen) and veggies (always local and in-season at The Wooden Monkey). Waverley (Mic Mac), Portland Street (The Canteen) and the waterfront (The Wooden Monkey). OK. You get the idea. Everything is awesome with these three, in list form or otherwise, and you’re a dummy if you haven’t experienced it for yourselves.