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Best Bartender

Lot Six Bar & Restaurant

Gold Winner Shane Beehan, Lot Six

Silver Winner Jeff Van Horne, Lot Six

Bronze Winner Lorne Caborn, Morris East

“As bartenders, we’ve chosen our role as people who serve the public. We do what we do for the people, so to be recognized by the people—it’s satisfying,” says Shane Beehan, who left his post at Field Guide to raise the bar at downtown’s newest hot spot, Lot Six, alongside silver winner Jeff Van Horne. “We’re blending quality and quantity together. We have a capacity for 200 people, but everything we put out is a craft product, with fresh ingredients daily.” By the end of this year, Beehan’s passion for mixing liquid magic will have brought him to New Orleans, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and Nicaragua, but what excites him most is bringing home what he’s learned, and helping to grow Halifax’s drink culture. “At the end of the day we want to make good, simple drinks. And not over-complicate things.”