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Best Female Film / TV Actor

Gold Winner Jackie Torrens

Silver Winner Cathy Jones

Bronze Winner Susan Kent

Best Female Film / TV Actor
Golden god, Jackie Torrens

“Can you please spread the rumour that Ellen Page and I are in a nasty feud now that I have dethroned her?” asks Jackie Torrens. She’s joking, but there’s nothing funny about the steady and serious work she does as social worker Drucie MacKay on Sex & Violence, Thom Fitzgerald’s grim, aptly named OUTtv drama. “It’s great working on the show because everybody gets to have well-written characters and everybody gets stuff to do, not just serve people coffee,” says Torrens, who also made a comic turn in Andrea Dorfman’s Heartbeat last year. “Thom’s a really great writer.” Up next are a new documentary and a third season of Sex. “I am for hire and I work at reasonable rates. I’m always on the hunt for work,” she says. “If this award means someone might think of me, please do.”