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Best Artist / Band Hijinks

Gold Winner Dumpster Mummy

Silver Winner Graboids

Bronze Winner Rich Aucoin

“We started playing together in 2011 and we’ve come a long way since then,” says Dumpster Mummy’s Brad Holman, adding that the metal band got its start at Monday night open-mic $Rockin 4 Dollar$. That was over 175 shows ago. Since breaking onto the scene, Dumpster Mummy has snagged bronze and silver in the Best of Halifax awards but taking the top spot is something they’ve earned. “All we’ve done is try and out-do ourselves every year. It’s also really cool that people would vote for us in multiple categories. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote,” Holman says. The band’s hijinks is an additional element that has evolved over the years. “At first, we were in full-blown gimmick mode,” Holman describes. “We all wore bright-orange safety vests and brought a trash can to every show. The crowds loved it and it became a staple, but eventually venue owners started banning it.” While the band doesn’t dress up like that anymore, Holman says, “Our shows are still plenty entertaining.” And the music is still loud as hell. “To us, nothing is better than the sonic assault you get from heavy music. It’s not for everyone, but some music is just meant to be enjoyed at a loud volume.” This principle guides the recording of their next album, which should be out by early 2016. “We really found our sound with this one. It’s everything you’d expect from Dumpster Mummy but with a few new twists and turns.”