Best Artist / Band Most Likely To Make It Big

Gold Winner Neon Dreams

Silver Winner Like A Motorcycle

Bronze Winner Mo Kenney

Best Artist / Band Most Likely To Make It Big
Kyle Richards
Dreamy Neon Dreams

“Woo! Woo! Woo! What an honour,” exclaims the producer for Neon Dreams, Corey LeRue. “It feels great to be recognized in your hometown. It just feels great! It’s such an amazing honour! Thank you everyone who voted.” Over the last couple of years, Neon Dreams has played a major role in the EDM game in Halifax. The four young friends took a wild instrumental-based live show all over the world and ended up signing on with Waka Flocka Flame’s Atlanta-based label, 36Brickhouse, even collaborating with and producing for the trap giant. All things considered, they’ve already made it big, relatively speaking. This honour is an encouragement for the artists, now emerging on the international stage. “We’ve been watching The Coast’s Best of Halifax Awards for a while now, and to be part of this is something very special to us.” And you better believe that they show no signs of stopping: “We’re getting in the studio when Waka’s album Turn-Up God”—which they co-produced—“kicks off. We’re shooting a couple videos with Waka as well, and we’re working on a new project for the first quarter of next year. We’re just doing shows and making music, and these awards are awesome.”